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Marie Crane Yvon is a dedicated artist who explores the transformative power of color and the boundless possibilities of expression. With over 30 years of experience, she has developed paint techniques that delve into the expansive field of contemporary abstract expressionism. Inspired by notable artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, and Joan Mitchell, Marie's work reflects her passion for the creative process and her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.


In addition to her artistic endeavors, Marie has also worked as a decorative painter and designer. She launched Crane-Yvon interiors with her husband Jim in 2007, specializing in cabinet refinishing and known as C.Y. Cabinet Painters. In early 2019, Marie embarked on a 15-year passion project, creating illustrations for four children's books specially designed for Sweet Echo Stories. Her exceptional work has been featured in magazines, and she has received awards for five unique commercial projects. Marie's design and color expertise has even been showcased on Channel 22's program, Mass Appeal.

Marie Crane Yvon approaches each artwork with an experiential and intuitive style, driven by her profound passion for the creative process. Her unique vision combines various materials traditionally associated with construction projects, such as plaster, stains, dyes, spray paint, and urethane. Through the interplay of color, texture, and form, Marie's artwork evokes deep emotions and takes viewers on a visual journey that inspires both peace and self reflection.

Marie’s great love is her family. She resides in Western MA with her husband + business partner, their two sons and two funny Labradoodles. She balances her creative life and all of the above with as much yoga as possible
~ favorite poses include: warrior three and tree. 

Painting is just
another way
of keeping a diary.

Pablo Picasso

The Forest

"One day, when my boys were little and playing in the woods I stood quietly by and shifted my gaze toward sunlight casting magic through the trees. I took a picture and had it developed, old school. Captivated by the magnificent evergreens against a periwinkle sky, the golden rays and dancing prisms pierced my artist’s heart. I fell in love and have been trying to paint the spaces between ever since."


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